I had the privilege of being the event photographer for the wonderful puffin festival held at Flamborough recently. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Josh) had contacted me around a month ago asking if I could photograph the event. Zero hesitation from me! We are members of this wonderful charity, so nothing would give me greater pleasure.

The Yorkshire Puffin Festival is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust event that aims to raise awareness of the troubles that the wonderful puffin faces. From overfishing to climate change, the beloved puffin and wildlife are facing some real challenges.

Puffins return to Flamborough every year around April to mate and raise a puffling (Something I just learned) before heading off in late summer. I was told that an albatross had recently visited the area, sadly I didn’t get to see that, but I certainly got to see many razorbills and puffins.

Guests could enjoy:

–  Cliff the puffin mascot.
–  Puffin challenges.
–  Guided walks along the Flamborough Cliffs.
–  Daily boat trips.
–  A storytelling tent.
–  Puffin creation station.
–  Beach cleaning activities.

I had great fun photographing the above activities. I even learned a thing or two when tagging along for the guided walks!

Whats not to love about the puffin? These little birds with colourful beaks and orange feet are real characters. As a family we frequently visit the Flamborough Headland, so we are aware of how rich the area is for seabirds and wildlife. 

Big thank you to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for choosing me to be their event photographer, and a big thanks to Josh and all of the staff who were amazing on the day.


We have been members of the YWT for a number of years now. As a member you can enjoy access to over 100 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves, along with receiving four copies of the Wildlife Yorkshire magazine every year. But more importantly by becoming a member will greatly help this fantastic charity to keep doing what they are doing. By helping endangered species to restoring the beautiful wilds of Yorkshire.

You can signup to be a member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust by clicking here.


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