O’Hara Photography Yorkshire Wedding Photographer was chosen to be the York Wedding Photographer for the beautiful wedding of KJ and Jake.

Bren is amazing! He absolutely went above and beyond his call of duty, filled us with confidence and completely put us at ease about how incredible the end results would be. Not only where the photographs flawless (giving us both some amazing posed shots and a plethora of candid moments too,) but he was also available to chat, email, meet up and run through ideas in the run up to the big day. His enthusiasm for the job is only matched by his top notch demeanour, personality and friendly attitude. I could not recommend anyone more than Bren for what will surely be one of the most important days of your life.

I was super excited for the wedding of KJ and Jake, as I had gotten to know them pretty well over the past year. The wedding was held at the fantastic Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club which is set in the Yorkshire wolds countryside. It’s also a stones throw away from York.

I’ve now photographed 100+ weddings over the years, but that same buzz and adrenalin never subsides. Every wedding is different, the couples can be different, the venue, the light challenges, the timings, it’s all very challenging but I love it. If I ever did need a reminder as to why I love wedding photography the wedding of KJ and Jake is it! This is why I love being a wedding photographer. Just pure fun right from the minute go. It certainly does help when you jam with the couple, as I did with KJ and Jake here. I cannot think of a more fun loving couple as KJ and Jake, they let me have free reign of what I did, plus their sense of humour just added to the day and made this a more of a great day.

I had actually met with KJ and Jake a couple of times before the big day. With all the restrictions of covid I was more than happy to go meet them at the Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club to discuss what can and cannot be done. On the day of the wedding I arrived at around 12. I typically arrive one hour before every wedding, just to give me time to prepare my cameras as well as tank up on food and water. It was then off to meet with KJ as she got ready. There was certainly a buzz in the air when I met with her, all the hard work, all the planning, the covid minefield, and this was it, the big day!

The ceremony was beautiful, and I must say the lighting for Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club was as good as it gets for a ceremony. Huge glass windows to the left of the room let in fantastic light. My past five weddings of 2021 have had the couple sat with their backs to windows, usually with very little light coming from the room itself. The light was great, and the staff were super helpful too.


From the ceremony it was a drive over to The Potting Shed in Beverley, East Yorkshire. I hadn’t been to the Potting Shed in a number of years, so it was great to go back. With this being such a personable and naturally funny group of people, the reception was great fun too, with the speeches being some of the best I have heard! KJ even received a video message from her dad who lives in Australia, there were some tears after that as he sadly could not attend.

I feel I am slowly now getting back into the swing of wedding photography after being so dormant for so long, and really the wedding of KJ and Jake has been a real highlight of the year so far.

All the very best to you both KJ and Jake, thanks for choosing me to be your Hull wedding photographer!

* As a side note for fellow wedding photographers, this wedding was shot with almost entirely the Sony A9 camera, my goto for everything now.