Being a Yorkshire and York wedding photographer I always look forward to a wedding held in York, and the wedding of Katie and Matthew was simply beautiful. From start to finish I enjoyed every single moment.

I had gotten to know Katie and Matthew a little over a Zoom chat, and I just knew from their plans for the day what a fantastic wedding it would be.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful St Thomas Church in York. From experience as a wedding photographer you have to be prepared for anything when photographing inside a church. Poor lighting, being told to stand at the back, even being told not to photograph! Thankfully I had zero problems, and was told I could do as I please! Still, I was respectful of proceedings and went fully silent, but how refreshing it was to have no restrictions at all. So a massive thank you to the vicar for allowing me to capture the full ceremony and every moment.


The reception was held at the wonderful Haxby Memorial Hall in York, with lots of space and excellent light it was perfect for a wedding reception. I must add that the staff were amazing! I was also told that the community of family and friends all helped setup the hall, which just made it extra special.

The speeches were emotional but with some hilarious moments. I was able to record the speeches in full with audio too, which is something I am offering to any couples now. So they will always have those wonderful speeches to watch back on in the future.

I was so happy to hear that the wedding reception would have ceilidh dancing, which is my absolute favourite to photograph. Partly because all of the guests at some point will give it a go, but it’s also just good fun. Ceilidh dancing can be quite fast paced, but if you get the shot it’s usually a keeper.

A big shoutout to Gemma from Photography Gems, who came along to gain experience. You were amazing, and I really hope you go far!

The wedding of Katie and Matthew is a wedding that will live long in my memory. When I eventually get to that point of hanging up my cameras one last time I will always look back with fond memories.

A massive congratulations to you both, thank you for choosing me, and all the very best for the future 🙂

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Here’s a handful of photos from this wonderful day…