Where do I start, wow what a fun wedding this was! Zoe and Frank are such a lovely couple and I absolutely loved every minute of their wedding day. The wedding was being held in the stunning coastal town of Whitby, and the entire day was full of fun, laughter and love.

As a wedding photographer I am used to fast paced and adrenaline fuelled days, and I can safely say this was a slow paced, down to earth wedding which I didn’t want to end!

I arrived in Whitby by around 1pm and headed over to the White Horse & Griffin, which I loved from the minute I walked in. I can only describe it as atmospheric, quirky, warm and with wonderful and friendly staff. I grabbed myself a coffee and let Zoe know that I had arrived and to just give me a shout whenever she was ready for me to head to her room to capture some bridal prep photos.

From the White Horse and Griffin it was a quick dash over to the Whitby Registry Office, where I had time to speak with the registrar prior to the ceremony. Every registry office can be different, and thankfully the Whitby Registry Office was quite relaxed. I was told where I could stand and when I can and cannot snap away. It quickly dawned on me that I would be stood right in the corner next to the stereo with not much room to move.  This is where a wide angle lens is a must for a wedding photographer, even with my back against the wall it was tight.

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional, and with Zoe and Frank being so fun loving it was full of smiles and laughter too! It was so clear to see how much their children mean to them as they all played a part during the ceremony.

Prior to the wedding Zoe mentioned wanting a photo of her and Frank with the famous Whale Bones of Whitby, and I loved the idea. Usually they are lit up at night, but low and behold those lights were turned off! This wedding was proving to be a real challenge in terms of lighting or lack of, from it being dark outside by 4:30pm to the full force of fluorescent lights. For the photo with the whale bones I placed a speed light from behind the couple which would throw some light towards the bones. Thankfully my idea paid off and got the shot!

For the wedding reception it was over to The Fleece, which is a cozy pub, and to my surprise when I arrived I was handed fish and chips! Thanks guys! The reception was seriously fun, with so many characters taking to the dance floor!

Zoe and Frank you have left a lasting impression on me, and I feel truly honoured to have captured your day, thank you! All the very best as you enter into the next chapter.