We had a fabulous time visiting Whitby, North Yorkshire recently. We hadn’t visited in a number of years, in fact the last visit was to photograph a wedding here, so it was brilliant to revisit as a family.

Whitby has to be one of our favourite places, with stunning views and fascinating history. We parked near the ruins of Whitby Abbey which was founded around 657. The Abbey is incredible to view in person as you try to comprehend the rich history behind it. From Whitby Abbey we took a walk down to the town, where we decided to grab some fish and chips at Mister Chips. I believe the last time we had fish and chips must be close to six months ago! So every mouthful was a delight. We even picked up some sweets from Joseph Dobson & Sons, famous for their boiled sweets, and they were worth every penny spent.

We soon made our way around Whitby and eventually made it to the famous 199 steps, which I am pleased to say we all made it to the top without a stitch insight! At the very top of the 199 steps is the St Mary’s Church, and both the 199 steps and The church graveyard is used as a setting in Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula.