In honour of VE Day, the neighbours on our street banded together and organised a street party. Normally, our life is bustling to the extent that VE Day is no more ceremonial than noticing the date marked on the calendar; uttering a heartfelt “thank you” to our past and present veterans, and having to move on with the breakneck speed of life. But since few of us have been able to leave home, this was truly a special and bonding event for those on our street.

Like so many, we’ve stayed at home and barely stepped outside, other than a couple of walks along the seafront here in Hornsea. So we relished the chance to converse with our neighbours, some of whom we’d not had the chance to meet (social distancing was, of course, observed!)

Everyone took turns heading to the food table. Luckily for us our neighbours are marvellous cooks! We had cakes, buns, quiche and biscuits, not to mention a cheeky beer here and there. And gin- who forgets gin!?

It was so uplifting to see everyone and to ask how everyone was. Of course this was an opportunity to blow the dust from our cameras and snap away, so we jumped at it! Alexa joined the party too; vintage music played, with most of us not able to resist dancing around. Neighbours had pulled out stops to decorate their homes with vintage inspired themes, and donned patriotic attire. Even the sun was out to join the festivities.

We felt a keen sense of connection to those who celebrated all those years ago; as a nation and planet, we are not allowing ourselves to be beaten. We are joining together however we can. When it all boils down, our resilience and fighting spirit are what bring us together, no matter what we are facing.

Just as Winston Churchill said while addressing the nation “We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toils and efforts that lie ahead.”