I had a great time being the York photographer for the Vita Student leavers event with the University of York and Vita Student.

As someone who has lived or worked in York all my life, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to photograph a colourful and vibrant event such as the leavers event for the university. From cocktails, saxophonist, photo booth, DJ and even face painting, Vita Student really did pull out all the stops for the students.

Vita Student

Vita Student caters to students who desire a comprehensive experience. It is designed for those who aspire to live without boundaries, offering an all-inclusive service that alleviates the pressures of university life. This allows you to dedicate yourself fully to your studies and overall experience.

Within the buildings, you’ll encounter a vibrant community of friendly individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds. They are all united in their quest to maximise their time at university. Whether you possess a creative or academic inclination, Vita Student serves as the ideal environment to learn, flourish, and forge meaningful connections.

Passionate about York

Rich History and Culture: York’s history spans over two millennia, and it’s evident in every cobblestone and Gothic architecture that adorns the city. As a student living in York, you have the chance to immerse yourself in a living museum. From the iconic York Minster to the preserved medieval city walls, every step you take is a glimpse into the past. Exploring the York Castle Museum or taking a haunting ghost tour through the narrow streets of the Shambles will leave you captivated by the city’s heritage.

A City of Learning: York is home to not just one but two esteemed universities: the University of York and York St John University. This means that as a student, you are surrounded by a dynamic academic environment, with countless opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. The city’s libraries, research centres, and state-of-the-art facilities create an ideal setting for pursuing your academic goals and connecting with like-minded individuals.


I have to give some shoutouts, as so many talented individuals we involved in this event.

Luke Walwyn –
Todd Brand – Musician –
Katie Bennett – Artist –

Here’s a handful of photos from this fun event…