We were so honoured to be asked by our good friend Ollie to travel to Scotland and photograph her graduation!

We have known Ollie for many a year now, and she is now a doctor! As photographers/friends we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Armed with our cameras and a passion for capturing memories, we set out to document Ollie’s special day. The University of Aberdeen provided a stunning backdrop, with its historic buildings and beautiful surroundings adding a touch of grandeur to the occasion.

After capturing classic graduation portraits, we decided to inject a playful twist into the session. Enter the pink and orange smoke grenades! With a burst of color, we sought to capture the essence of celebration and Ollie’s vibrant spirit. The family eagerly joined in, holding the smoke grenades and walking towards us, their laughter filling the air. The resulting photographs were a reflection of the joy and love shared among Ollie and her family.

Congratulations Ollie, we wouldn’t have missed this big day for nothing!…