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The first bit of advice I would give to any couple researching wedding photographers is to compile a list. Working as a wedding photographer can be incredibly rewarding, but wedding photographers can be broken down into a couple of categories in my opinion. You have those that work as a wedding photographer full time, some do it part time, and some believe it or not dislike working as a wedding photographer. So does the portfolio represent a full body of work? Can you see the passion put into it?

Working as a wedding photographer for me is my passion, I love the hustle and bustle of the day, and when I get home and review what I captured ready for editing I am like a kid in a sweet shop. But there are downsides to working as a wedding photographer, with the main downside being the exhaustion. Long days carrying equipment, sometimes traveling between venues and bending up and down.

Then there’s the mental exhaustion, with constantly having to think about settings, where is the light, which lens, where to stand, it can be incredibly taxing. For me I usually need the next day to recover, and I know many photographers need at least the next day to recover too. This is usually why many photographers will never step into the wedding photography arena, that and also it’s someones most important day and they don’t want to be the photographer who messes up. With that all being said the rewards of working as a wedding photographer far outweighs the negatives.


Since 2009 I’ve worked as both a more traditional photographer and a documentary wedding photographer. Whats the difference? Traditional is very regimented, there’s not a whole lot of photos of “moments” or events happening in between. You will receive the ceremony and group photos and that’s about it.

As a documentary wedding photographer like myself my aim us to capture the day like a story, so all of the details, moments in between key events, the venue, people laughing and joking. My style of shooting is very hands off, in fact I try to be unobtrusive as possible, but that does mean I will be constantly pointing my camera at something or someone.


This leads me into equipment. Many photographers would argue that any camera can capture a good photo, and that is absolutely true, but for me when it comes to wedding photography it’s so important that you invest in the very best that you can. For me I use Sony cameras, with their groundbreaking sensors, dynamic range and autofocus. When I used to shoot with my old Canon cameras my hit rate could at times be hit and miss, but with my Sony cameras my hit rate is close to 100%.

It’s also important as a wedding photographer to have backups. My Sony cameras are backing up to two SD cards simultaneously, this way I don’t have to worry too much about an SD card going rogue. In saying all of this an older style or semi-pro camera can absolutely capture a full day wedding, but for me and many photographers having pro-level equipment is a must.


I once photographed the wedding of a fine art photography lecturer, and she had a nice list of questions to ask me, such as how long have I been photographing weddings, what equipment do I use, she also asked about backups and how many cameras I own. I do believe all of these questions are very important for any couple to narrow down a list of potential photographers.

And the best wedding photographer for you will be willing to set aside time to meet with you and really take his or her time with you. Anyone that just rushes you along and acts as if they don’t have time to talk is not going to take the time to photograph your wedding properly. While they won’t go overboard and hound you constantly they should make you feel as if you are important and should take the time to really listen to your expectations. It might take some time to find the best wedding photographer for you but consider this time as being an investment in your own wedding memories. When you see those beautiful pictures that you know will last a lifetime then you’ll know it was well worth your efforts!

If you would like me to capture your day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the below contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!