At last, you two finally got married, Congratulations! You finally tied the knot. The only thing left to do is the honeymoon. This getaway is one of the most important times in your lives, not just as newlyweds, but also as a married couple. 

Honeymoons can go as long as two weeks and as short as three days. There are no rules about how long honeymoons should be, or where it should take place. As long as you both agree that it’s the best place for you two to spend your special moments together, then it’s the right place to be!  For sure both of you are excited and can’t wait to go to your destination, but  are you all set for your romantic trip?  

If you don’t know what to prepare days before your wedding, then worry no more. Here are some tips.


Regardless of how long or short your honeymoon is, it’s most likely you two will be both spending the night away from your home. Which means you have to pack clothes for the trip.

Select what you want to bring according to duration and the venue of your honeymoon. You don’t want to bring a bathing suit if you’re going somewhere cold nor would you want to bring two pairs of pyjamas for a four night trip. Make a list of the clothes that you have to wear based on your itinerary. 

EXTRA TIP: Just because you have your wedding ring, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your engagement ring too, especially when it holds so much value. It’s a reminder of that magical moment when you said “Yes”. You can still wear both rings. Mix and match of different jewellery is trendy these days. If that’s not your style, you could get a chain, hang your ring there then it can work as a necklace. 

Safeguard your documents and meds

Besides the clothes, be sure to pack other necessities such as important documents, medicine and gadgets, especially so if you have to fly somewhere else.

It would suck to realise that you forgot your passport at home just as when you’ve arrived at the airport. So make sure that you have a designated ziplock or plastic folder to keep it safe and easily visible. This goes the same for your IDs, Credit cards, and other documents. All these important documents are important when travelling, so make sure they are packed earlier on. 

If you have allergies and you’re visiting a relatively new environment, then it’s a must to bring your anti-allergies. Your body may not be used to whatever the climate, food or atmosphere of your destination. So keep one always at an easy access, sometimes anti-allergies can save a life.

Place your documents and your meds in a place, preferably your bag where it’s safe and easily accessible to you. 

SETTLE  your responsibilities AT HOME

Your honeymoon is also a time for both of you to relax. It should be spent on focusing on each other, devoted to creating a deeper and more intimate bond that prepares you for a lifetime of having each other. You don’t want that interrupted by a phone call from your landlord reminding you that your rent is due! 

So in the five days before you leave for one of the best trips of your life, take time to attend to these things. Pay your bills— both from your wedding and from your living expenses. It would be ideal that you have notified your work that you will be taking a leave weeks before the wedding, but if you haven’t yet now would be a good time to fix it. 

Because in the honeymoon, you two should both have undivided attention for each other. 


It’s natural for everyone to look the best they can possibly be for the honeymoon. Which means that you might opt to go for a last minute beauty regimen for dazzling skin that you would feel confident and look great in. In that case, natural skin care products might be the best way to go.

Natural skin care products can give you the radiance you are looking for as an end-result without having to worry much about synthetic chemicals. These said toxic chemicals are usually linked to skin irritation and other issues.  

Despite some criticisms doubtful about natural products’ effectiveness, it should be noted that studies have proven that these ingredients are not only safe, but they also deliver results


Eating healthy brings us lots of benefits— it strengthens our immune system, it lengthens our life span, it helps us have better skin, the list goes on and on. However, if you’ve  decided that you want to start trying to have children during the honeymoon, it’s good to eat healthy as it increases your fertility. Exercise is also helpful for your overall health. It heightens the energy level and regulates your metabolism.

If a baby is not yet in your plans, it’s okay too. A peak of health is always good for any event. In fact, being healthy will enhance your honeymoon experience. Remember that exercise and a healthy diet elevates your energy level, and you know what else a heightened energy is good for.

The honeymoon is the start of your lifelong journey of marriage. Which is why couples try to make it the best experience possible for each other, a good start will lead to a good run. 

You may probably even have more ideas on how to prepare for it, and if you like just go for it! But most importantly, you should remember that as long as you’re having your honeymoon with the love of your life, it will be one of the most memorable, romantic, and greatest times of your life. 

So breathe, relax, and enjoy your time together.

Sophia Young is a content writer covering lifestyle and fashion topics. She’s actively participating as a guest blogger for various lifestyle blogs and has been co-authoring some articles of her colleagues. She’s currently enrolled in a content marketing course hoping to expand her knowledge in digital marketing.

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