I had a fantastic time photographing the beautiful wedding of Megan and Niall at the Plough Inn at Eaton, Cheshire.

With the Plough Inn being around three hours travel time for me, I decided to stay in a hotel nearby overnight, but I almost didn’t make it! Going along the M62 at night while listening the radio and just taking it easy, a tire out of nowhere appeared in my lane! Somehow I managed to veer around it almost, sadly it did hit the front passenger side of the car and left some minor damage. I made it but three cars following me didn’t, they were absolutely totalled. I believe it was a lorry tire. Super scary, but I am so glad I made it down for Megan and Niall.

This is my second visit to the Plough Inn in the past couple of years, and as a wedding photographer it is a dream to photograph a wedding. The Plough Inn has a lovely rustic barn and beautiful scenery, and thankfully the church for the ceremony was literally just down the road within walking distance.

I even got to ride in the classic wedding car, which allowed me to capture some fun photos.

Along my wedding photography journey I have met some truly amazing people and couples, Megan and Niall are right up there for being two of the friendliest people I have met. Nothing was trouble for them, and super patient as I tried to get the shots I needed.

Thank you to Megan and Niall for choosing me, and a big thank you to all of your guests who made me really welcome! A massive congratulations to you both, and all the very best for the future 🙂

Here’s a handful of photos from this wonderful day…