If there is anything you must never neglect before your wedding day, it’s taking good care of your skin. Wedding preparations inevitably test your patience, organisational skills, and capacity to think and adjust under pressure. That doesn’t mean ignoring self-care is acceptable.

Have you ever read stories about brides losing it over a zit or newly weds going berserk once they notice a visible flaw on their skin on their wedding portraits? Pampering yourself—particularly by caring for your skin—will do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Great skin also blends well with makeup.

As a wedding photographer, I want my clients to feel happy and content when I present the moments I’ve captured on their day of matrimony. That said, here are some pre-wedding skincare tips that all brides and grooms should include in their daily beauty regimen:

  • Cleanse and exfoliate regularly

Getting with your hygiene is a no-no. Did you know that frequent cleansing helps even out your skin tone? Take a rejuvenating bath to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. The more you rinse off foreign particles that have settled on your epidermis, the less prominent your pores will look. Consequently, your skin appears more flawless. 

The absence of breakouts, dryness, clogging or any other signs of imperfection on your skin’s surface is the result of successfully sloughing off dead skin and renewing your physique’s younger and brighter appearance.

  • Lock in that Moisture

Find a good moisturiser that will fix dry and flaky skin on both your face and body.  Moisturising your skin effectively retains its natural barrier so that you will look vibrant and youthful throughout the day. Skipping this step in your skincare ritual will make fine lines more visible and leave a lacklustre effect on your wedding photos.

Choose a moisturiser based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, products with glycerin, lanolin, and hyaluronic acid are known to hydrate layers upon layers of your skin. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturisers are suitable for sensitive skin types because they do not contain chemicals that cause a strong allergic reaction. Non-clogging, oil-free, and non-comedogenic variants are for women suffering from constant breakouts and acne. If you have eczema or other skin conditions, it is best to consult a dermatologist so they can recommend a product specifically tailored for your needs.

  • Wax that hair!

Can you imagine skimming through photographs and video footage of your wedding reception, only to notice that you have strands of hair peeking out in between your armpits, over your lips, or anywhere else that would seem awkward in print?

Excessive hair on your face, body, and even on your hands and arms tend to throw off an otherwise picture-perfect moment. I should know, because part of my job as a photographer is to zoom in on your gorgeous faces to guarantee I capture your genuine expressions and highlight all the striking details of your wedding. Also, cameras these days come with high-definition lenses. Even the finest details cannot go undetected. I do not recommend photoshopping to get rid of stray hair strands. (That is simply tedious!) Schedule a waxing appointment instead. Wax every two to three weeks for your face, every two weeks for your underarms, hands, and fingers, and three to five weeks for your legs.

Another hair removal method to try is dermaplaning. Unlike waxing, dermaplaning exfoliates your skin thoroughly first before removing unwanted hair. Dermatologists recommend dermaplaning because it smooths your skin, allowing it to absorb your skincare products better while preparing it for makeup application.

  • Get some zzz’s

No amount of concealer or foundation can hide your exhaustion. Disregarding the importance of sleep takes a toll on your health. By depriving your body of the opportunity to recharge and replenish used up energy, you make yourself more susceptible to sickness and infection. You are also more likely to be so cranky that you might not even enjoy your matrimonial celebration!

Sleep, spend a day in a spa, listen to your favourite music, take a walk by the seashore. Clear your hectic schedule for a quiet alone time. Doing so gives you the chance to reflect and digest your transitioning into a new chapter in your life. Not to mention, it keeps you from developing dark circles under your eye area.

  • Eat well and exercise.

Stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Refrain from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking, or eating junk food. Caring for your skin is not limited to washing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturising. You also need to “feed” it with vitamins and minerals to ensure it stays well-nourished and fortified with an impenetrable barrier against infection.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables, so your skin’s natural brilliance shines through. Don’t forget to facilitate better blood circulation throughout your body through jogging, hitting the gym, or outdoor sports. 

Drink plenty of water every day, too. It is the most inexpensive way to retain the moisture of your skin and prevent it from drying.

  • Skip the fake tan

Embrace your skin’s natural beauty and colour if you want to look awesome on your wedding photos. There is nothing wrong with getting a fake tan, although a wedding ceremony may not be the most appropriate event for it. Regardless if you have it done by a pro, the tan may not look as good as you envision it to be in photos. The hue may contrast the colour and texture of your gown or clash with your colour theme.

Worse, your wedding photographer might have to render more time editing your photos in case the colour of your neck, arms, and hands do not match as a result of your fake tan. 

Weddings are once in a lifetime, but the unforgettable events that transpire on your romantic milestone can be captured and preserved for eternity. Bearing that fact in mind, spoil your skin with a regular pamper-me session and watch your spouse-to-be marvel at your exquisite beauty on the day of your marriage.

Sophia Young is a content writer covering lifestyle and fashion topics. She’s actively participating as a guest blogger for various lifestyle blogs and has been co-authoring some articles of her colleagues. She’s currently enrolled in a content marketing course hoping to expand her knowledge in digital marketing.

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