What a beautiful wedding! We were so honoured to be asked to be the photographers for Kellianne and Kris’s wedding recently, and this wedding was so much fun!

The wedding was held in the stunning town of Scarborough, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Clear blue skies and lovely and warm. Considering the weather over the past couple of months has been nothing short of dreadful, it was very welcome to see the sun shining.

Hollie and I arrived for the wedding at around 1pm, with the start time set for 2pm. I always prefer to arrive as early as possible, just so that we can capture some photos of the venues and to brainstorm on where we will both be standing.

The ceremony venue was lovely, with lots of natural light. Most churches and registry offices won’t allow flash inside, so it was nice to see large windows. Before we knew it the guests were arriving and we had to get snapping!

From the wedding ceremony we followed the wedding party to Stepney Hill Farm, a place neither Hollie or I had visited before, and it was stunning! The barn was setup beautifully to host a wedding reception, and throughout the day everyone could say hello to the parrots, owls and even lambs!

To top it off the children had a bouncy castle to play on, which I enjoyed photographing as I instructed them to do backflips and belly flops.