This was my first pre wedding photoshoot of 2023, and also my first time meeting Amy and Chris. We met up at the beautiful Roundhay Park in Leeds, a park I hadn’t visited before but will certainly return.

March weather can be so unpredictable, and so it proved in 2023. We had to cancel our meeting a couple of times, and then the day we did finally meet Leeds was covered in snow! Just our luck really. Snow and midday sun is not a photographers friend. Despite the snow and the cold we had a great time chatting about their wedding to come, along with me snapping away.


I had actually photographed their good friends (Ollie and Kieran) wedding in 2022 at Hornington Manor, and I did actually remember Amy and Chris from that day. Ollie and Kieran spoke very highly of me and the gallery that they received. Word of mouth plays such an important role in being a Yorkshire wedding photographer, as it is with any business. So thank you Ollie and Kieran!

Some couples feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, especially when it comes to posing, and I totally get that. Amy and Chris were completely natural though and willing to try something new!

Here’s a handful of photos from our meeting…