We were so privileged to be the photographers for Kay and Luca’s wedding recently, held at Bridlington Spa. This year we’ve met so many amazing people and wonderful families, and Kay and Luca’s family was no different. With many of the guests and family flying in from Italy, this wedding certainly had a lot of style!

Bridlington Spa is a fantastic venue for weddings, with huge windows overlooking the beach and the sea, and inside it had a lovely warm feeling, we cannot recommend it enough. But also the staff were brilliant, very helpful for all the family and guests but also to us as photographers! Big mention for Tara who honestly couldn’t have done any more for us.

We arrived at Bridlington Spa at 12pm, this was a good two hours before any guests were arriving but we wanted sufficient time in photographing the venue and the little details. The venue and reception was just beautiful, and to us it was clear this is a very close family. The ceremony was just beautiful and very emotional, the reception was full of fun and laughter, everyone danced and to finish the day everyone had sparklers.

With every wedding Hollie and I want to capture the wedding rings, so usually we will head off somewhere quiet and get creative. Typically we try to find something that is important to the family to use with the rings, and for this wedding we used the guests signing book which was stunning!

While most weddings have the same routine throughout the day such as getting ready, guests arriving, ceremony, reception and so on, this wedding was a bit different in that we were allowed to use the theatre with a lighting technician on hand! Leading up to this wedding I had several shots that I had in mind such as a backlight on the stage. Technically it was quite difficult to get it just right with the lighting, but that’s why Hollie and I love photography so much, it’s always a challenge and every scenario can be different.

As Yorkshire wedding photographers, covering a wedding at Bridlington Spa was a dream for us, and we loved every minute of it.

A huge congratulations to Kay and Luca on your big day!