Hollie and I were really privileged to be the Yorkshire wedding photographers for Imogen and Harry Burton’s wedding recently. The ceremony was held at the beautiful St Michaels Church in Bempton, and from there we all headed off to the Bridlington Links Golf Club.

We’ve had a tough year with the weather turning terrible on the wedding day, from flash floods to snow, and sadly for Imogen and Harry it was really cold, rainy and very very windy. For Hollie and I we both think the same “There goes any outside group or bride and groom photos” so it means we have to turn up our creativity a notch.

The ceremony was beautiful and intimate. With all the weddings Hollie and I have attended as photographers, not once have we not felt privileged. We are there to do a job of capturing the day, but we both get fully immersed and with Imogen and Harry’s ceremony it was no different.

The church itself was fairly lowlight, no flash was allowed, but luckily this is where our Sony mirrorless cameras really step up. So glad that we took the jump to Sony, as no doubt our old DSLR cameras would have struggled and produced some very noisy photos.

From the ceremony we all headed to the Bridlington Links Golf Club, which is a beautiful venue for a wedding reception, and the staff were wonderful and friendly. With lovely big windows we could capture a lot with the natural light coming into the room, but by 4pm that light was vanishing. We always try to hold off on flash photography for as long as possible for various reasons, but the main reason is that the constant flashing can really wear down guests, which is the last thing we want to do. The group photos were particularly challenging, as I had to bounce the flash and adjust the power constantly. Thankfully the photos came out beautifully!

The speeches were incredibly funny, as was the entire time we photographed the reception. We always aim to just blend in with the guests, to the point that no one even notices us anymore. We were told several times by the guests that they loved our style of being unobtrusive and it really put people at ease. Hearing this means we did our job.

A huge congratulations to Imogen and Harry on your big day! And all the best from Hollie and myself (Bren O’Hara) as you enter into the next chapter of your lives.