It’s been quite some time since I attended a university ball, in fact the last time was for Hull university just before the very first lockdown! So it was amazing to be back photographing students having a fantastic time.

The Hull York Medical School ball was held at The Principal York, one of the more grandeur hotels I have visited.

2021 has been a year I will never forget. Two years of weddings crammed into one, with 20 weddings in August alone. I am certainly not complaining, especially after the nightmare that was 2020, but it was really great to be attending an event. Just to flex my muscle memory for a different setting was refreshing.

I was speaking to a couple of students who told me they hadn’t seen some of their fellow students for almost a year! So in many ways this was a nice meet-up and catchup for everyone. I can safely say they made up for lost time, these people can dance!

I also had the pleasure of working alongside Woody and Amber from snapertureps once again, who attended the event to film the night.

Here’s a handful of photos from the night: