We had the absolute pleasure of being the wedding photographers for Angela and Filipe in Hull recently. Being a Hull wedding photographer, this was always going to be extra special.

The day started with us meeting up with Angela to capture some getting ready photos, and we immediately felt the positivity and warmth from this family. Angela and Filipe are both Portuguese, so it made for a day full of vibrancy and just pure fun.

The ceremony was held at the Cottingham Road Baptist Church, and everyone there was incredibly friendly and helpful. From the church it was back to the home of the beautiful couple, where they had transformed their own home into a reception! The food was authentic Portuguese which was delicious, and a homemade dancing stage was built. Let me tell you these people could dance!

Vibrancy is about the right word to describe this wedding, and when we left we felt invigorated by the good vibes.

All the very best for the future Angela and Filipe, thank you for choosing us!