I was born and bred in Hull, and I’ve been a Hull Wedding Photographer since 2009. Wedding photography has always been my primary focus, but over the years I’ve photographed everything from events, festivals, charity events, graduations, parties and so on. Pretty much anything photography related is my passion. Being from Hull a Hull wedding is extra special for me, but I’ve been right throughout the UK photographing weddings and events, but my main area has always been Hull and Yorkshire.

Since 2009 I have photographed at many venues in Hull, such as the Hull Minster, and the wonderful The Country Park in Hessle, to name but a few.

I have been described by my clients as being a friendly and unobtrusive guest! When I am told this then I know I’ve done my job, because my aim is to blend in, as I look for every tear, smile and laughter that will be the story of the wedding day. Up to 2015 I was working with several fellow photographers who were much more traditional in their approach. I realised I wanted to offer something else, so I concentrated my efforts in becoming a documentary wedding photographer. By this I mean my aim for the day is to capture the key moments but with everything in between. I do consider myself incredibly lucky in that I get to do what I love most weekends by working as a wedding photographer!

Every wedding is different and so is every couple getting married. Not everyone is used to being photographed, thats why I always aim to meet up with clients prior to the big day so that you become more relaxed with me, which in turn translates into the photos from the day. Many clients have commented on my professionalism, but they’ve also commented on my relaxed laid back approach to the day. There’s nothing worse than an overbearing photographer! It’s your day, the photographer should be there to capture the moments.


Whether you book a shorter day or full day wedding photography I always arrive around an hour before my start time. This way it gives me time to prep all of my equipment, understand the plan of the venues, and just last minute checking on the timetable of the day. Typically though if I am given a start time and a starting address I simply go with the flow. If you book me to stay until the first dance I will always stick around for a good hour, nothing beats people getting on the dance floor and the shots they produce!


Typically it can take me 2-3 weeks to work through the photos I take on the day, and I don’t limit how many I take or how many I delivery. Once editing is complete all clients receive a free online and private gallery, where photos can be viewed and downloaded in high-resolution. All photos will be delivered in colour along with a selection of black and white versions. Depending on the venue and the lighting there it can sometimes mean a photo has to be turned into black and white, this is purely down to those horrible artificial lighting some venues use! Over the years I have delivered entire galleries just in black and white at the request of the clients! All client galleries will be hosted online for the next 12 months, after that the gallery then becomes archived.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we would love to hear from you!

Best wishes
Bren O’Hara