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I had an incredible experience being chosen as the Carlton Towers Wedding Photographer for the wonderful wedding of Abi and Shaun recently. The wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Hull Minster, and the reception was held at the equally stunning Carlton Towers in Goole.

Hull Minster dates back to 1300 and is Englands largest parish church. When you step inside you realise just how grand the Hull Minster is. Carlton Towers is a grade I listed country house surrounded by a 250 acre park, to say that Carlton Towers is spectacular is an understatement. From gold leaf wallpaper to grand staircases, not to mention the rooms for holding a wedding reception are perfect for size. Throughout the day I kept saying the word “grand” to everything I saw!

From my experience most church weddings requires me to stand to the back, which I have to respect, thankfully thats where my 85mm, 135mm or even a long zoom comes into play. Luckily though there are two small gates either side in the Hull Minster, so I cheekily kept creeping in to capture some photos from the front. I even managed to stand on a bench, place my camera on top of a wall and snap away to capture a view of Hull Minster that you wouldn’t normally see.

The reception was wonderful, with some of the funniest speeches I have heard and a traditional ceilidh band provided fantastic entertainment.

This really was a day of celebration, and you could clearly see the love between Abi and Shaun. I must also say that everyone was so welcoming and friendly towards me, making sure I had food and even something to drink! I never expect that at any wedding, so it was lovely to feel so welcome.

Thank you again Abi and Shaun for choosing O’Hara Photography Hull Wedding Photographer to capture your day! I absolutely loved being the Carlton Towers Wedding Photographer. All the very best to you both.

Bren –