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Photographers and The Lockdown Impact

It goes without saying that this is the most challenging time as a photographer for myself. Every wedding, event, party or sports event has now been cancelled right into August, with a lot rescheduling for next year. During the lockdown I decided to use the time wisely, so I felt it was important to continue my photography education by joining online workshops, photographer support groups and even honing my editing skills. We will eventually come out of this lockdown, and when we do I feel I will ready to go again.

Rescheduling your Wedding or Event

If you need to reschedule your wedding or event please do get in touch. We are not charging extra for changing any dates. 2021 is getting close to being fully booked. I joined a group of photographers who are all willing to help each other through these unprecedented times, so if a date is unavailable I can reach out to another photographer and vice versa.

A Big THANK YOU to the NHS and Key Workers

It goes without saying that my family and I consider all NHS and key workers as heroes right now, and making it a point to clap every Thursday. I personally have family who work in the NHS, so I have a little understanding of the sheer pressure you are all under.

If you are an NHS or key worker and have a wedding or event coming up in the future please get in touch, as we are offering discounts to the heroes 🙂