What an incredible wedding this was! The wedding of Ollie and Kieran really is a nice reminder of why I love what I do. I had been speaking with OIlie and Kieran over the past couple of years, the big day was delayed due to our old friend covid, but I truly believe they had the big day they deserve.


The wedding was held at the stunning Hornington Manor, York. It is safe to say that Hornington Manor has now become one of my favourite venues to attend as a York wedding photographer. From the beautiful manor to the surrounding areas, and not to mention Joe the events manager is one of the loveliest people I have met on my photography travels. Nothing was ever too much for her, and she was so warm and friendly to everyone.

The ceremony was held outside, which is always lovely. 11am blazing sun not so much, photographers will know what I mean there. The ceremony was wonderful, and you could clearly see how much Ollie and Kieran love each other. You couldn’t help but notice the love and warmth from all of the guests towards Ollie and Kieran too. I can safely say that the wedding was one of the friendliest and funniest weddings I have attended.

A big thank you to Hornington Manor for being so first class in all that you did on the day. Also a big thank you to Gemma from Photography Gems who was second shooting, always a pleasure to work with you.

Ollie and Kieran, a huge congratulations to you both. I am so happy that you finally tied the knot. You are genuinely two of the nicest people I have met and I am so happy that you chose me to be your York wedding photographer!

Here’s a few photos from this magical day…