It’s been a number of years since I’ve been back to Hirst Priory in Lincolnshire, and during 2021 I will be there several times. The fabulous wedding of Tara and Stuart was the first of them, albeit a last minute visit, and what a wedding it was! Being mostly a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer it’s always great to visit different areas of the country, and Lincolnshire is slowly becoming my 2nd most visited county.

“Absolutely fantastic photos, arrived as a last minute cover and smashed it out the park. Really impressed with the shots. Highly recommended”

It was actually my good friend Calvin Taylor Lee who was booked as the wedding photographer, but like so many he was being tested for COVID-19 and he hadn’t received his results back in time! He messaged me at midnight the day before asking if I could help. After charging batteries and checking gear, and with two hours sleep I hit the road at 6am.

Hollie and I have known Calvin for a number of years and he’s just a master at everything. From wedding photography, macro and wildlife photography, to even being an artist! He’s just awesome, so it was a privilege to work for and alongside him.


I made it to the home of Stuart (the groom) at around 8am, where he and his groomsmen were getting ready, along with some bacon and sausages sandwiches! I was only there for a short period of time before I had to head on over to Tara at Hirst Priory.

Hirst Priory is a stunning venue, and I vividly remember my first visit years ago and I fell in love with the place back then. Beautiful 18th century country house, with lovely grounds and stunning countryside. It’s the perfect venue for a wedding.

While photographing the bridal prep I was informed that Stuart was arriving in a Lamborghini! It was a total surprise from him arranged by his dad. We could hear it from miles away, and wow what a car that was!

After grabbing a few photos of Tara getting ready, along with some photos of her wedding dress (which was stunning) it was on to the ceremony.


The ceremony was being held in a tipi. I am sure many wedding photographers would agree with me when I say that photographing inside a tipi is a challenge. Everything and everyone is orange, it’s usually pretty dark so flash is a must. Thankfully though the ceremony here was held at the entrance, so the lighting was pretty good.

At this point Calvin had arrived after receiving a negative on his covid test results. By now there were two photographers and two videographers, so it’s important to discuss where everyone will be during the ceremony. Thankfully everything went without a problem, with the ceremony of Tara and Stuart being beautiful and emotional for them.


The reception was just amazing, with everyone in good spirits, the speeches were hilarious, and all the children in attendance had numerous games to play. From hook a duck, splat the rat, to mini ten pin bowling! I can’t remember a wedding when so many suppliers worked alongside each other! So I have a few shoutouts to give, all are via Instagram:


I always feel honoured to play a part in the big day of a wedding, and for Tara and Stuart it really felt like a privilege. Thank you! All the best to you both.