Had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful wedding of Mr and Mrs Fisher, held at the Healing Manor Hotel in Grimsby recently.

For the past year we’ve worked exclusively on our own, or together (Brendan and Hollie) at every wedding. For this wedding I was asked to second shoot for Danny from Tartan Heart Photography, and I had a blast!

I arrived at the Healing Manor Hotel at around 12, met up with Danny and went to view the venue to get an idea of what was ahead for the day. It’s a lovely sprawling venue, with lots of space for guests to roam around inside or outside.

Sadly, the day was almost a washout, with the heavens opening up and us all dashing for cover from the thunderstorms. Thankfully as the day progressed we had a small window of time to capture some group and bride and groom photos.

I’ve seen many a thing while photographing weddings, but it’s a first for a swan to swoop on by and join in! He was certainly a curious little fella.

Being a Yorkshire wedding photographer it was such a great experience to work with another photographer from another part of the country. Danny has huge amounts of experience too and knows exactly what he is looking for. I enjoyed every moment working with him.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer further south then Danny is one of the best. You can check out his work at:

Big thanks to Danny, and a big thanks to the wonderful couple Mr and Mrs Fisher, all the very best to you both!