What better way to celebrate Halloween than a Harry Potter themed photo shoot at the Beverley Westwood with Shelly, Ricky and their little boy Dexter!

Shelly and Ricky recently got married in the United States, and being huge Harry Potter fans they always had plans for a photo shoot when they got back. When they asked if we’d be interested in a Harry Potter photo shoot our answer was a resounding YES! Hollie and myself love nothing more than something different and fun.

Hollie loves creative photo shoots, and she also loves Harry Potter, so she really was in her element here. It’s always fun to watch Hollie getting creative and thinking of the next shot, and as a team we really bounce ideas around.

We’ve been so focused on wedding photography this year that it’s about the only thing we think about, so it was really nice to do something different. As we were meeting at 4pm at the Beverley Westwood I was a little worried by the light, but it turned out to be really nice and diffused. Sadly though it got dark in the blink of an eye, but thankfully we got the shots we aimed to capture by then.

Thanks for a brilliant opportunity Shelly and Ricky!

Happy Halloween
Bren O’Hara

All photos taken with the Sony A7Riii and Sony FE 55mm.