It was Blake’s (our son) 10th birthday, and we really tried to make this birthday extra special. During a week of visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, and the Light Spectacular at North Yorkshire Moors Railway we also visited Hallowtween at York Maze.

York Maze have put on the hugely popular Hallowscream for a number of years now, but they also offer the Hallowtween event which is aimed at 10 to 15 year olds. My last memory of visiting such an event goes back to when I was in my early twenties, when my friends pushed me head first into a haunted mansion! I remember clearly coming out the other end absolutely scared out of my mind, but my friends thanked me for being the guinea pig and tackling the scary actors first! So Hallowtween, aimed at 10-15 years cant be too scary right? Yeah right!

When we arrived Blake got changed into his “Stick Man” outfit, which brought some laughter to some of the guests who asked all about his costume. At the entrance there were two giant Skeletons standing either side, well that was a good start, but it got even better once we walked through the entrance to come face to face with a creepy, yet at the same time friendly granny with a chainsaw.

We made our way over to the giant tent that was housing all of the scare experiences, along with a stage and several shops inside. Even though I protested that “Flesh Pot” sounded absolutely horrific, I was out-voted and in we went.

Inside you are blasted by loud noises, screaming, air guns firing, grotesque looking dummies, flashing lights and smoke! A sensory overload it is. We almost made it all the way around until I saw Blake and Hollie bolting for the fire exit. Suffice it to say this was the end of our scare experiences for the day.

Even though we didn’t visit the Singularity, Corny’s Cornevil or Barnageddon we still had a wonderful time. We watched several fantastic stage shows, got to hold and stroke a beautiful owl, Hollie won at “Dead Ringers” and then we ate some delicious food. We even interacted with several of the actors who were on the prowl.

It was a Halloween celebration to top all celebrations for us. The event is so well organised, there’s always something to see or do, and the actors really are fantastic who truly get into character. We loved it and will be back.

Below you’ll find some photos from our fangtastic time at Hallowtween: