Had a fantastic time being the event photographer for the Go Run for Fun meet up at the Hull Ionians RUFC Rugby Union club recently.

The event was over two days, and I believe I was told 1200 children would attend on both days! As a Hull photographer, who has been so focused on weddings for the past year, this was a real opportunity to try something totally different, and I loved it!

I was fortunate enough to meet two Hull FC players too, along with Laura Weightman the 1500m Olympian. I was definitely starstruck!

The children absolutely loved it, which is the most important thing, and there was also some very touching moments when all of the children cheered on the last to cross the line.

Call me brave or a tad stupid, but I decided to stand right further down the track, right where the children would run. Thankfully it paid off and I grabbed some epic shots, but it did mean I had to get my skates on and get out of the way as the got closer to me.

Thank you to Tegan and the Go Run for Fun team for inviting me along, I would say I’ve caught the bug to photograph more events like this in the future, and a huge congratulations to all of the children and teachers who took part.