During the summer we decided to take a visit to Fort Paull, which is located in the small village of Paull on the outskirts of Hull. Hollie and Blake had never been, so we figured it would be a great way to see something different. I have fond memories of me as a young boy riding my bike all the way to Fort Paull long before the museum opened, so it was great to see the old place and reminisce. Little did I know that our first visit would be our last, as it was announced recently that Fort Paull would be closed.

Fort Paull is the only fully intact Napoleonic Fortress, so it’s quite a unique place. Throughout the museum and grounds there’s several aviation crafts, including the huge Blackburn Beverley that you can enter and walk around. Along with the aircraft there are underground tunnels that you can explore, an unexploded WWII bomb, and several exhibitions exploring the last 500 years of conflict.

It is certainly quite sad to hear it has now been closed, but at least we managed one last visit and grabbed some photos along the way.