We had the privilege of being the wedding photographers for Sue and Craig’s big day recently. The wedding was held at the lovely Dunedin Country House in Patrington, which is a wonderful setting for a wedding, which we highly recommend.

This was our first wedding to photograph of 2019, and it couldn’t have been any better! Everyone was in high-spirits, the weather was overcast but NO rain, and Sue and Craig are just the perfect couple.

Most of our wedding photography throughout 2018 took place in either North or West Yorkshire, so it was lovely to cover a wedding in the East Riding, with Dunedin literally just down the road from us.

We arrived around 12pm, with the ceremony due to start at 2pm. Arriving much earlier allows us to plan our positions, check on the lighting, and capture people arriving. We can also go and speak with the bride and groom, just to make sure there are no changes or if they would like us to do anything or photograph any details.

The ceremony was beautiful and you could clearly see how much this meant to the couple. I positioned myself just in front of the bride and groom, while Hollie stayed at the back to photograph from a different perspective. Even though it was quite dim where Sue and Craig would make their vows, the eye tracking of the Sony A7Riii was fantastic, and I could track Sue coming up the aisle no problem.

After the ceremony we had the chance to head outside and photograph several group photos, and I actually climbed out onto the balcony to get a downward group photo! The reception was fun and the first dance was just beautiful. Overall this was such a fun wedding to photograph.

All the very best to Sue and Craig, thank you for choosing us 🙂