We had the pleasure of photographing Circus Starr, held in Hull recently, and not only was it for a worthy cause but it was an absolute blast!

Circus Starr is a charity that travels throughout the UK to bring the fun of the circus to children and families with disabilities and difficulties. Sadly some families under difficult circumstances may not have a chance to visit a circus, so it’s such a worthy cause.

The circus started with a touch tour, with children being invited to meet the performers and maybe even try their hand at juggling! Nothing warms the heart more than seeing children with beaming smiles!

Speaking from experience, our son Blake is autistic, and the last time we visited a circus the visit lasted no more than 10 minutes. So to attend a circus that has children with disabilities in mind was amazing.

A big thank you to all those involved and for all the good that you do! Thank you for inviting us along 🙂

To read more about Circus Starr and what they do please visit: