Had an amazing day photographing the wonderful wedding of Stephanie and Andrew Ferguson in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

The weather was perfect, considering the day before we had hailstones the size of marbles! Thankfully the sun was shining and everyone was in high-spirits.

The ceremony was held at the Beverley registry office, which has lovely gardens at the back to take some couple and group photos. Being an East Yorkshire wedding photographer its always extra special when the wedding is local.

The ceremony was beautiful, and you could clearly see how much this meant to the wonderful couple and family. From the ceremony we all headed to Lazaats in Cottingham, which I hadn’t visited in a while due to photographing weddings in the north and West Yorkshire over the past couple of years.

Lazaats is a lovely place to hold a wedding reception, with lovely open function rooms and nice gardens at the back. The food was amazing too, and may I add that the staff are so accommodating and helpful. I had a good chat with Danny who works at Lazaats, and he honestly couldn’t do more for the guests than he did, I was very impressed.

This is the start of our wedding season now. We covered a couple of weddings in January and February, but by April its a wedding every week up until December time.

A huge congratulations to Stephanie and Andrew on your big day! Thank you for choosing us!