Local weddings are always a bit extra special, but Bethan and Marc’s here in Hornsea was undoubtedly one of the most unique ones we will have the honour to capture.

We’ve been so excited for this wedding! There was lots of communication in the preceding months about design and photography style, giving us a great deal of inspiration and direction for how to approach the day- but also a chance to get to know Marc and Bethan. There was definitely an extra sentimental vibe about this one for us!

We both headed to the bride’s house at 11:30am, to do a getting ready shoot. Makeup, hair, (prosecco!) and the overall buildup to Bethan’s big day.

Shortly after arriving, Bren headed over to Marc’s home for a brief groom’s shoot, so I set to work photographing every detail I could of Bethan and Team Bride as they prepared.

Their wedding could be featured in a funky magazine. Every detail was attended to, so you felt the presence of this couple everywhere you looked. We thought family photos added so much heart to the reception! Bren and I were in photography paradise.

The florist, Abi from Bohemia Floral Design (in Hornsea) put together some of the most stunning floral bouquets we have ever seen. She really added to the earthy, woodland feel of this celebration with her fairytale masterpieces.

With the weather being predictably British and drizzly all day, we were a bit let down by the fact that we could not do the shots originally planned in Hall Garth Park- but we forged ahead, determined to make the most of things. Which wasn’t difficult, considering the fantastic guests and decor inside!

The reception was full of music and dance. Kingston Swing gave exhilirating swing dance tutorials for the guests , magician Puzzling Paul entertained for the children, and later in the evening the Andrini Sisters provided vintage style music.

As Yorkshire wedding photographers, we’ve covered weddings in cities and towns such as Doncaster, Bridlington, Hull, Beverley, Scarborough, and Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire. But for us to photograph a wedding in this small town was a dream for us.

A huge congratulations to both Bethan and Marc on your big day! May the rest of your journey be as rock star as your wedding!