The last time I visited the Beamish Museum was way back when I was at school close to 20 years ago, and it’s certainly a place that I wanted to revisit.

For years I had mentioned to Hollie that I wanted to take her there, and then when Blake our son came along its been high on my list of attractions to see. Despite 2021 being one of the more challenging years for finding the time, we finally did it!

The Beamish Museum is an open-air museum situated in County Durham. When you visit Beamish it really is like stepping back in time, with old style shops, a tramway, railway station, a pub, department store to name but a few. Our favourite was probably the Jubilee Confectioners which sold an array of sweeps. We picked up some blood orange sweets that was being made that day, and I opted for some aniseed which I hadn’t had in years!

Sadly the weather wasn’t in our favour at all, in fact it poured down for most of the day. Despite the weather we had a great time hopping on a tram or an old bus to visit the many attractions at Beamish. It certainly does take a little time to get around the whole of Beamish, in fact we didn’t quite manage it. So we will see the rest when we visit again.

It’s been such a hectic year for event and wedding photography, so it was really nice just to spend some quality time with the family.

Here’s a few photos of our visit that day, edited in our rustic/vintage style: