Hi, we are O’Hara Photography and our passion to capture those special moments and memories is what drives us to provide the friendliest, fun and creative documentary style wedding photography service possible. Our first wedding was back in 2009 and we are known for capturing real moments, rather than the forced posed. We’ve photographed weddings throughout Yorkshire and most of the UK, going as far as Liverpool, Leicester, Derby and Newcastle. For a wedding we will travel pretty much anywhere.

We are a team of creative photographers, Bren O’Hara, Hollie O’Hara, Harvey Cooper and Kallum Wilson. The beauty of having four photographers is that we can attend any wedding anywhere.

As well as weddings we’ve also photographed events, parties, graduations, supported charities and even sport photography.

Bren O'Hara photographer


My first wedding was back in 2009, and since then I have photographed close to 100 weddings and events now. My passion for photography started while attending college, and even studied a little while in the United States. I broke away from the more traditional wedding photography in 2014, as I much preferred to capture the story of the day rather than forced posed. I love all forms of photography, and I’ve won several awards for my landscape photos.

O'Hara Photography - Yorkshire Wedding Photographer


I’ve been covering weddings, events and shooting portraiture since 2010. Few things are more fulfilling to me than capturing life as art! With me on the scene, look closely and you might spot a flash of pink hair as I dart around, constantly searching for that next perfect moment. I also have an eye for detail which I use to create images that I hope are nuanced, vivid, and treasured for a lifetime. Photography isn’t just business for me- it’s personal.


We are documentary wedding photographers, which means every wedding that we attend will be photographed in an unobtrusive, unscripted and candid way. At times you won’t realise we are even there. With every wedding all the key moments throughout the day will be documented, from the ceremony, reception to speeches. You won’t find us taking an age setting up, then demanding everyone to pose in a certain way. With documentary style wedding photography, it means all the little details, and all the little memories are captured. From uncle Joe laughing in the background with grandad, to the little kiddies blowing bubbles.  If documentary and natural wedding photography is your jam, then please contact us to check our availability.


  • Unobtrusive

We mingle, we like to blend in, but most importantly there will be no fuss from us whatsoever. Whether you desire big romantic photos, or absolutely hate that idea, we are here to capture the day without adding stress.

  • Friendly and Fun

We pride ourselves on being people friendly, and we like to leave every wedding or event knowing that we added a fun element to the day. Sometimes humour helps to break the ice, especially when getting the little ones to pose!

  • Contact us Anytime

You can contact us at any time and we will be right with you as soon as possible. We can be reached by email, phone, text and even Facebook messenger, or perhaps we can all meet up in advance of the day.

  • Fast Turnaround

The minute we have left an event or wedding it’s time for us to get editing. Typically all photos will be delivered within 7-14 days, if we can we will send a few samples the very next day for you to download and share.