We just had the privilege to spend several hours photographing the wonderful and talented Abbie Vena. Abbie was the longest running Matilda on the West End in London, along with starring in several commercials and Blue Peter.

We love photo shoots, especially those without time limits, and Abbie Vena plus two enthusiastic photographers was a great mix. For a Sunday the Hornsea Hall Garth Park was very quiet with barely anyone there.

Abbie needed some new photographs for her agent which was our primary purpose, but we also added some fun and colour to things. So out came the smoke grenades! We probably spent a good 30 minutes deliberating how best to use the smoke bombs. Which way is the wind blowing? Where does Abbie need to stand? Camera settings etc etc. It was almost all scuppered when the wind decided to pick up, but thankfully we managed to capture some good shots.

For the majority of this shoot we used the Godox AD600 lights, which are amazing! No wires, no crazy external batteries, it’s all in-built. We tried several different power levels and with it being a bright day we probably shot more at 1/8 power than other levels. We also tried different shutter speeds, from 1/8000 to really darken the background to 1\4000 which I found to be the sweet spot.

All photos were taken with our Sony A7Riii and 85mm f1.8 lens.