Wow, what a year 2021 was. After the nightmare of 2020 and the pandemic, it did mean squeezing in almost two years into one. Typically I limit myself to 24 wedding per year as I find that the right balance, but during 2021 it was over 50! It was busy, it was me sleeping in the car at times, but it was all so worth it. To be around the hugs, the tears, the laughter, the bouncing receptions, and of course the love once again was a nice reminder as to why I love working as an events and wedding photographer.

Weddings and events were back in a big way. For me personally it was the busiest year I have ever had, and I feel so lucky.  It was also a year that so many suppliers, vendors, wedding venues, videographers and photographers all came together to help each other. We were all pushed to our limits at times, but that togetherness was something really special.

I have to say a massive thank you to all of the couples who were so understanding and incredibly patient. There were so many weddings that when the time came for me to pack up my camera gear to leave, I was actually leaving as a friend. So thank you, you are all amazing and I will never forget it.

On top of weddings I also worked as an events photographer. I was lucky enough that the University of York, James College and Hull York Medical School chose me to be their events photographer. I had such an incredible time, thank you again.

I also want to thank my photographer friends, Andras, Harvey and Calvin for their continued support throughout. Last but not least my family, my wife Hollie and our son Blake. My parents and Hollie’s family. Your support during 2021 was incredible.

In 2021 weddings came back and love won. It is a year that will live long in my memory.

Here’s a handful of photos from that incredible year: